Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s your name about? What do you mean by “medicine”?

It’s true, sometimes medicine is a pretty heavy word. It can refer to prescriptions and chemicals with serious side effects that need to be administered and monitored by medical professionals. But that’s only one part of the definition.

Medicine, at its root, is something that’s intended to heal. And we believe that there are a whole world of healing experiences and foods out there that can make us feel better when life gets real. Laughter, sunbathing on a summer day, a hot bath, a warm cup of herbal tea, a bowl of delicious home-cooked soup. These things nourish us in ways that sometimes “drug” medicine can’t, not to mention that they usually don’t come with any risk of side effects. In that way, they are all Good Medicine.

What is functional food and what are functional products?

Functional foods are those that are consumed in order to create a specific result in the body. For example, drinking ginger tea to calm an upset stomach or eating bananas for their potassium and magnesium to prevent or relieve muscle cramping are both examples of using foods for their functional properties.

We love functional foods because they provide nourishment that often addresses root causes of bodily aches and pains rather than simply masking their symptoms. For example, did you know that women who consumed ground flax seeds daily over three ovulatory cycles experienced longer, healthier luteal phases and fewer PMS symptoms? Pretty awesome, no? 

You use the word “nourishment” a lot — what do you mean by that?

To us, nourishment is about providing the body with what it needs — nutritionally, emotionally, or mentally. Sometimes the best nourishment is the knowledge that someone else sees what you’re going through and is sending love and support. Sometimes it’s permission to take a warm bath and to relax for 20 minutes during a hard time.

Nourishment is also about respecting and using the abundant early remedies that our planet provides. From yarrow flower to flax seeds, the plants around us are filled with nutrients that address deficiencies and imbalances that are the root causes of so many modern ailments.

Can I add this to babylist/ another registry I’ve created?

Absolutely — and we think that’s a great idea. We know your friends and family want to support you through this time, but so often that results in tons of gifts for baby and nothing meant for mom. Babylist has a great in-depth FAQ here, and you can also add the babylist chrome extension to add other products from other sites you’re perusing.

Is there anything perishable in these boxes?

All of our products are shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated and will not spoil. The cookies taste freshest for the first 6 weeks after purchase, though we’re quite sure that they’ll disappear long before the 6 month mark :)

How long do the lactation cookies stay fresh?

The cookies taste freshest for the first 6 weeks after purchase, though we’re quite sure that they’ll disappear long before the 6 month mark :)

Are the lactation cookies gluten-free?

Yes. While most brewer's yeast is grown on barley and therefore contains trace amounts of gluten, we use a type of brewer’s yeast that is grown on beets so that it does not contain any gluten. 

Where do you currently ship?

We ship anywhere in the world where mail is received.

How soon will the package arrive?

You can select a shipping time at checkout — any orders placed before 4pm PST can be delivered as early as the following day.